Travel out of Country with your Kids

We can help you craft adventures all around the world!

At Big Leap Travel we are constantly honing our knowledge of travelling the world and strive to bring you the latest info from our personal experiences. Don’t hesitate to pick our brains- we love to share the nitty gritty details of all the places we’ve been and all of the things we have seen.

Some of our most requested destinations include:


The stress relief at many all-inclusive resorts is unparalleled. At a good all-inclusive the food and spirits are top quality and you don’t have to worry about racking up the bill by going back for a second mimosa. However, not all resorts are built the same! The competition is fierce- but a good travel advisor can be invaluable in helping you pick the right resort. At Big Leap Travel we also love to help you schedule your adventures like visiting Chichen Itza, Xcaret Eco-Parks and fishing trips.


If your family love the great outdoors (and mosquitos) then an Alaska adventure could be your dream vacation. Whether by land or by sea (or a combo of both) Alaska engulfs travelers in natural beauty. Have you dreamed of seeing a grizzly bear? Eating fresh salmon caught with your own hands? Spotting a Minke whale off the bow of your halibut charter? Then Alaska could be your dream destination! Plus, escaping the hot corners of the country to enjoy a cooler 65-70 degrees in the summer can make for a refreshing vacation.


A dream is a wish your heart makes…. that comes true as soon as Big Leap Travel books your trip to Disney! As a kid Ceinwyn fell immediately in love with Disney on her first trip at 6- and never really fell out of it. As an adult though- planning a Disney trip can be an enormous endeavor. Let us take the planning and research out of your hands and help you relax into the magic. Did you know that magic can also be found other places on sea and land? Disney also conducts cruises and land adventures that are like no other on Earth.


On a roadtrip you can see new places after many hours in a hot car listening to the kids argue- but on a cruise you can see new places after restful sleep in your bed and mimosas at breakfast. There is nothing quite like seeing the shoreline of a new and wonderous location from the comfort of your balcony as you order room service for lunch. If your family is more sociable, then cruise ships now have endless activities, kids clubs, shows and dining to keep your family happy for days on end. Plus you can use a cruise as a great way to “scout ahead” for new locations you might want to return to for a longer stay.